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CV Joints and Driveshafts

CV Joint drive shaft repair

CV Joints Rubber Boots Fail!

There are different driveshaft configurations for front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. A drive shafts primary purpose is to transmit torque and rotation between the transmission and the wheels.

CV joints or (constant velocity joints) are used on front wheel drive and vehicles with independent rear suspension whether they are rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive. CV joints allow a rotating shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at a constant rotational speed.

Driveshafts in rear wheel drive vehicles are commonly known as tail shafts and connect the transmission to the differential unit. There are usually universal joints or rubber couplings at each end of the tail shaft that allows the tail shaft to change angles in line with suspension movement.

CV Boot Repair Service

CV rubber boot repair service The constant velocity, or CV joint, is encased in a rubber boot known as a CV boot. The CV boot is filled with grease to lubricate the CV joint and prevent corrosion inside the boot. There are clamps on either side of the boot to prevent lubricating grease from leaking out. If the CV joint develops a crack or one of the clamps breaks or becomes loose, grease will leak out of the CV boot and can allow water to get into the CV joint.

Your CV boots will be inspected for leaks or cracking when your vehicle is being serviced during regular maintenance checks. If a CV boot is cracked or grease is leaking from the boot, have it replaced by one of our expert technicians.

The CV joint performs a vital role in propelling your vehicle. If the CV boot is cracked, or leaking and water or debris enter the CV joint, it can bind, seize, or break very soon after. Have the CV boot replaced before additional damage occurs. If additional CV joint damage occurs, you may need to replace the whole axle shaft instead of just the boot.

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